Hive & Pleated Collection Brochure

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Venetian Collection Brochure

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Trends Lookbook Brochure

Browse our top trends in colour and pattern for the season with our stylish trends brochure. You won’t fail to be inspired!

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Live Love Colour Brochure

Want to bring some colour into your life? Have a look at our Palette and Banlight fabric ranges which are available in both Roller and Vertical. With over 100 fabrics to choose from, you can easily find your perfect match.

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Roller & Vertical Brochure

Please browse our elegant Style Studio Roller & Vertical Collection. With an extensive choice of styles and designs from bold, on trend designs to subtle sheers, there is something to suit any room in your home.

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Mirage Roller Brochure

Please browse our stylish Style Studio Mirage Roller Collection. Mirage blinds beautifully combine stylish fabrics and enhanced light control to create an exciting and unique blind for your home.

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Roman & Curtain Collection Brochure

Please browse our luxurious Style Studio Roman & Curtain Collection. The Collection comprises a spectacular array of exquisite new fabric weaves and prints in varying scale options, all of which are available as roman blinds, curtains, cushions or tiebacks.

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Intu Brochure

Please browse our INTU collection. INTU blinds complement your windows in both design and function, making them the intelligent choice for today’s homes. Having no free hanging cord loops, the safety features unique to all of the INTU range are completely integral to the blinds.

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Senses Brochure

Please browse our Senses collection. Combining the most desirable aesthetic features with sleek & innovative design at its heart, the Senses Blind System will impress, inspire and make luxury a truly attainable everyday asset.

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